Guilders Ford – Planetary Defence Force Raid ‘Spring City Scrappers’

++Intercepted Transmission++

A report regarding the events of last Monday evening, the raid on the primary territory of the Spring City Scrappers (SCS) following an undercover operation by an agent of Precinct 19 who had infiltrated the gang.

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With proof finally being recieved of the SCS black market food importation from upper levels, careful examinations of several local food stashes in the ruins of Old-Guilders have confirmed that the recent infestation of worm like creatures have been feeding on the illegal food supplies.

Our undercover operative passed information to Precinct 19 regarding the latest shipment, however one of our enforcer teams was spotted examining a supply stash and the SCS made the decision to abandon their operations in New-Guilders, knowing the game was up.

Our operative made us aware of SCS’s plan to abandon the settlement on Monday evening, by loading all their supplies into transports and moving to another dome. Precinct 19 enganged the assistance of the PDF to raid the SCS settlement and attempt to capture or subdue as many gang members as possible during the loading process.

However, when the PDF arrived on location, two other local gangs were unexpectedly in attendence. These gangs were clearly in an agitated state, we assume they had co-operated in order to make their own raid on the SCS settlement, but they then proceeded to open fire on the PDF troopers as they approached the settlement boundary.

Despite suffering heavy casualties on the approach, the operation has been deemed a complete success. A full report will follow, along with a list of assets acquired, gang members involved and/or captured (including those belonging to the gangs already on location) as well as a report of PDF, gang and civilian casualties.

++End Transmission++

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