2018 Guildford Games Club Painting Challenge: January!

With January coming to a close we have some industrious club members turning out some fantastic work and working on their pledges

Tim shows off his conversion skills and ability to speed paint like a boss with an Ynnari Eldar army coming on strong

Alex worked on cleaning and prepping his Delaque gang, ready for painting

All the while Paul finishes all manner of bits and pieces to keep himself occupied for the month


Finally some industrious small scale action getting almost 400 6mm napolenics finished, followed by some 3mm stuff to experiment with

The Pledges

Name Pledge Progress Comments
David Last Completely paint and base 200 models by Dec 31st 2018, learn how to paint glowing energy ‘power sword’ effects 77 models completed!

The 6mm equivalents account for 73 models, 3 AoS Orcs and the Green Lantern

I will count 28-32mm figures as one model, 5x6mm figures as one model, larger monstrous/warmachine/etc. figures may count as more than one model
Tim Smith craft a 6×4 tables worth of terrain; summer grassland and rocky outcrops. Also want to fully paint a small Eldar/Ynnari army, magnetising the larger models and/or customising the army in some way 0 completed but many progressed to almost completion
Paul Townsend complete one element (troop, character, warmachine or monster) for kings of war _or_ three bases of 6mm napoleonics each month to a gaming standard

I pledge to update http://Hobbybrush.com at least once a month, to encourage my own hobby and further promote that of the club

shields have finally been finished and they’re based at last – so progress on models which have been on the go since last April!!

Update to the Hobbybrush is in the works but I broke it rather than updating it when trying to change the gallery format….. but I found time to try – that counts, right?

Alex Foyster -Pick up a brush and paint once per week.

-Finish one ‘thing’ per month

I have managed to assemble and base my Delaques. The only paint invloved was some liquid greenstuff on the heavy but still…
Ash March I’ll pledge to have this orc mega force finished along with a necromunda gang and my bushido minis all by my birthday at the end of may (!) by the end of the year I’ll have my epic armies all painted and my 6mm napoleonics along with the high elves.. No update

Happy painting!