2018 Guildford Games Club Painting Challenge: March!

Updates for March!

Paul has continued with one of his objectives and updated Hobby Brush, his website, with his excellent Pike and Shotte era models. Go and check it out here!


He also progressed his 6mm Napoleonic French and a giant for Kings of War

Tim Smith has been busy with terrain and a an Eldar Super Heavy that is shaping up to be a gorgeous piece

Ash March has also been very busy painting Orcs and Bretonnians.

I speed painted some space ships for Dropfleet Commander and painted a few models for AoS

The Pledges

Name Pledge Progress Comments
David Last Completely paint and base 200 models by Dec 31st 2018, learn how to paint glowing energy ‘power sword’ effects 26 models completed this month, 120/200 for the year

4 Orc Brutes, 5 Witch Elves and 17 Scourge ships

I will count 28-32mm figures as one model, 5x6mm figures as one model, larger monstrous/warmachine/etc. figures may count as more than one model
Tim Smith craft a 6×4 tables worth of terrain; summer grassland and rocky outcrops. Also want to fully paint a small Eldar/Ynnari army, magnetising the larger models and/or customising the army in some way Painting gems is a slow process! But I’ve made a bit of headway with the terrain pieces and got them out for a game
Paul Townsend complete one element (troop, character, warmachine or monster) for kings of war _or_ three bases of 6mm napoleonics each month to a gaming standard

I pledge to update http://Hobbybrush.com at least once a month, to encourage my own hobby and further promote that of the club

Hobby butterfly struck early this month, followed by simply no painting for the latter part.
I haven’t based those Romans yet, but I’m 60% through 3 more infantry regiments of 6mm napoleonics and about the same through a(nother) giant for kow. Next month finishing stuff!

And an update to Hobby Brush to add the Pike and Shotte section, check it out here:


Alex Foyster -Pick up a brush and paint once per week.

-Finish one ‘thing’ per month

Ash March I’ll pledge to have this orc mega force finished along with a necromunda gang and my bushido minis all by my birthday at the end of may (!) by the end of the year I’ll have my epic armies all painted and my 6mm napoleonics along with the high elves.. Over the past two months I’ve completed: 10 orc boarboys, 12 bretonian knights, 10 bretonnian archers.. not that many I’m afraid and none towards the target.. think I picked too specific a target

Happy painting!