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Your Legend will be forged by WAR!

Welcome to my favorite game system – full of epic battles that are fast and fun. The rules are easy to learn, however there is great depth in strategy and tactics. Playing the game does not frustrate you, only your opponent!

To shamelessly steal a quote –

“Many converts have found themselves won over by a mixture of solid game play, straight-forward but elegant mechanics, and an approach to development that plainly puts the player first.” – Rick Priestly 2015

Kings of War is a mass fantasy battle game. You can choose from the 21 mighty armies in the fantasy world of Mantica. Army composition is points based, the value being agreed with your opponent. The objective of the game being to achieve the scenario objective for the battle.

Barrier to entry is low as core rules and army lists are free (although we do encourage purchase of the rule books to support the game)! Play Age of Sigmar, Ninth Age, Warmachine/ Hordes? Great, use your models as an appropriate representation of units and you can play both! Have an old Warhammer army – even better! It can be resurrected, as each army has a comparative list in Kings of War.

At the Guildford Games club we have run a very successful 10 player narrative campaign as well as a 14 player tournament. We now have 6 national ranked players and a continually expanding player base.

Future plans involve the Global Summer Campaign and a relaxed 1000 point tournament to be held on a Game night.

Getting Started

  1. Download the rules from here
  2. Join the Guildford Games Club on Facebook here and ask for a demo game!
  3. Ask to Join the ‘Legacy of the God War’ group chat for Kings of War at the Guildford Games Club.
  4. While on Facebook,  join this page.
  5. Create your army list here
  6. Come to the club and have some fun!

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